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Chip Level Laptop Repairing Institute

We provide live practical sessions in Nehru Place in world class environment where you will be experienced numbers of problems in various models of laptop like apple , dell, Hp, Toshiba, acer Samsung etc.

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Advance chip-level Laptop Motherboard repair
Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Training Course Content
Basic electronics, Laptop motherboard chip level course, ;Analog Digital, Block Diagram, Basic Problems, Circuit diagram, Repairing Steps of ac adapter, battery, LCD inverter, Hard drive, ram, keyboard, touchpad, CD, DVD
IC Chip Soldering & De-soldering

  1. Latest Chip Level Tools & Gadgets
  2. Basic Electronics Soldering & De-soldering Guide
  3. How to Solder
  4. SMD Soldering Guide 
  5. Surface Mount Soldering Tutorials
  6. Getting IC chip X onto board Y
  7. Trying to reworking with an iron
  8. Wonderful hot-air rework
  9. Sneaky tricks for soldering leadless ICs
  10. How does hot air rework actually work?

Motherboard Ic Chip Components

  1. block diagram, how it function & basic problems ,circuit diagram,& repairing steps
  2. Motherboard Component Overview
  3. Steps to Troubleshooting Laptop Motherboard Problems
  4. Common Problem Of Different Motherboards
  5. Fixing dead motherboard power problem
  6. Fault Finding ways
  7. Capacitor 
  8. The Bios chip, Laptop BIOS Recovery 
  9. Different Ways of Removing Toshiba Bios Password 
  10. Bios Flashing & Update
  11. Power Fuse Chip
  12. Steps to tackle Bios Password
  13. How To Fix Failed Nvidia Chip
  14. Laptop LCD Image see what goes on behind the Screen
  15. Steps to Fix Laptop VGA problem 
  16. Everything You Need to Know About The Motherboard Voltage Regulator Circuit.

Laptop Exploding Diagrams

This part contains diagrams and the part numbers. You'll use this to see where the parts fit together. Other than physically taking a laptop apart, this is the only way to see how the bits and pieces fit together.

ATI == Array Technology Inc. (graphics card maker)
VGA == Video Graphics Array/Adaptor
XGA == eXtended Graphics Array/Adaptor
other term relating to ''Technology'':
You'll discover how to troubleshoot & repair ??
  1. Dead Systems
  2. No display
  3. Dim display
  4. Freezing System
  5. System getting hung
  6. Keyboard control section problem
  7. Memory control section problem
  8. Audio not working
  9. USB port not working
  10. Serial port not working
  11. PS2 port not working
  12. CD Drive control section problem
  13. Hard disk control section problem
  14. Battery not charging
  15. D C pin problem
  16. Soldering & De-soldering of Motherboard ICs, Transistors, Diode, Fuse, Capacitors, VGA Chips ETC....

The Best Way To Take A Laptop Apart

  1. Laptop Motherboards
  2. Solving Laptop Power Problems
  3. Soldering
  4. How To Handle Liquid Problems Like Spilling water In Your Laptop
  5. Handling Laptop Keyboard Issues
  6. How You Deal With Overheating Laptops
  7. Fixing Keyboard Problems
  8. Fixing Touchpad Problems
  9. Replacing Broken Laptop Screens
  10. Replacing Memory/Data Components